How to assign multiuser licences

If you have purchased a multiuser license and want to know how to add other users please follow this tutorial.

Important: the people you add to your license need to log in to SmartGantt at least once (they can select the trial version). This is so we have a user to attach the license to. If you add an email that is not a SmartGantt user, you will get an error message.

Make sure you have the admin account of the multiuser licenses. This should be the same email or Podio account you purchased the license on, or the one you stated when purchasing. If you are unsure, you can see if you have a key button in the left side panel:



Click the key-button to get to the licence provision options. Simply enter the email of the users you want to add in the window. You should see how many licenses you have left above the menu



When you are done adding emails, click the submit button. You get a new pop-up asking if you want to continue. If you are certain the email(s) you’ve entered are correct, click OK. Otherwise click cancel and enter the right email.


When you have successfully added new users, a message will appear on the top of the screen.



If you wish to remove a user, simply click the bin icon next to their email