SmartGantt will be discontinued by the end of the year. New Sign-ups and Free Trail are no longer offered.
Sign-in and access to the SmartGantt platform will not be possible after January 1st 2024.

Dear Valued Users,

With a mixture of gratitude and sadness, we're writing to announce that we will be discontinuing our SmartGantt platform as of this year. This decision wasn't made lightly, and we want to express our sincere appreciation for your support and engagement over the years. Our journey together has been filled with milestones, achievements, and shared moments of accomplishment.

All active users have been informed by email.

Best regards,
Anders Bendix Kiel, WorkWays, SmartGantt Team

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How can I easily see my charts within Podio?

In order to make the navigation between Podio and SmartGantt easier, you can put direct links of the Gantt chart into the app in Podio. This can be done very easily. Let’s try to do that in our basic example. You can find the basic example on: basic-example/ Here you can see the chart […]

Button tutorial

Short explanations of the buttons you find in the upper left section. Filtering: Filter your chart to see the desired information. Works similar to filtering in Podio. Sorting: Choose the variable that sorts the chart, in ascending or descending order. E.g., most progress made, earliest deadline, alphabetically Scaling: Scale the chart to Hour, Day, Week, or […]

How to change colors in your charts

Colors of the bars are connected to either the different levels, which is the default, or based on status field. Let’s try to change task bar colors in our basic example. You can find the basic example on: basic-example/ Let’s click on the “Settings” button, the one that appears on the top menu bar […]

How to see item details of a task bar

Each task bar in SmartGantt represents an item of our Podio app and sometimes we need more information for this item, apart from what we can see in the chart. A quick way to see more information for a task bar is the “Complete Item Preview” option. In order to do that, we will use […]

How to put dates in a chart in case you have omitted

This tutorial article will show you how to edit your chart to include an end date in your chart, without having to create it from scratch. Once again, we will use our basic example, which is on: Click on “Gantt Chart Options” the button which is located on left-hand side menu As you can […]

How to change colors to default in your charts

This tutorial article is a follow-up of the article: How to change colors in your charts We are going to use our basic example, which is described on: In previous tutorial we wanted to change the task bar color from brown to black. So the result is the following: You don’t like it? You want […]

Creating a basic example

Let’s say you are the manager of your company and you need to create some articles for your company’s blog. And let’s say that this work is separated into 3 smaller tasks: Brainstorming, Analysing and Typing. You have assigned Brainstorming to George, he has 2 days to finish it. After that, Nick should do the Analysing […]

How to use SmartGantt filters

After adding SmartGantt filters to your charts, your chosen tasks will appear on the screen instead of the whole chart. Let’s apply filters to our basic example, which has neither child dependencies, nor grandchild. The whole filtering is done by using the “Filtering” button which is above the chart. As you see a menu appears. […]