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How to create an employee chart

  Please fetch our Employee timeline app from here: Add each employee as an item in the Employee app. You can pick employees among your contacts, or add a new contact. Fill in the fields accordingly with information you like to see (Email, Job description etc.).     When you have all employees as items, […]

How to use: Left side panel

Top button: see the menu in full view Browse existing charts: An overview of all your charts.The charts are grouped under the Workspace in which they were created. Gantt Chart Options: Refresh chart: Reloads your chart, this is useful after you update your Podio workspace while working in SmartGantt. You can also use your browser’s […]

Using calculation fields in SmartGantt

Learn how to use the Podio calculation field with SmartGantt! Calculation fields are useful if you wish to pull dates from a related apps, automatically set duration, or simply show the date in a particular format. We can use Calculation fields with SmartGantt in several ways, to help you customise your Podio workspace even more! Here is a list […]

Make parent last as long as child – calculation

You can use calculation fields to make a parent item last the duration of its related items. Like this: In this way the related items (that is; sub-referenced, second order items) will decide the timeline of its overacting parent item automatically. Meaning if you have a project as a parent item, and subsequent deliverables, the […]

Creating a new app – with relationships to other apps (referenced apps)

We will try to link the app of our basic example to other apps, by creating relationships. In this way, we can have charts with Parent, Child, Grandchild levels. In this tutorial, we will create a new Podio app and we will relate this to the BlogArticles app.  We will call this app: BlogArticles-Implementation.   Planned […]

How to share a editable chart

To share a chart that your colleagues can edit please follow this tutorial. First, the users that need to edit the chart need the same workspace permission as the person that creates and shares the chart. You can make sure this is the case by checking if your colleague is a member of the workspace […]

How to assign multiuser licences

If you have purchased a multiuser license and want to know how to add other users please follow this tutorial. Important: the people you add to your license need to log in to SmartGantt at least once (they can select the trial version). This is so we have a user to attach the license to. […]

Graphics: Scaling

You can decide among different ways of presenting the timeline for your charts. By default, your timeline is set to day scale. For choosing a scaling of your preference, just click on the “Scaling” button which is above your charts After this, a menu will appear. There, you have the following options for scaling: 1) Hours […]

Exporting charts as PDF or PNG

You can either export a full chart to PDF or PNG. This will export the current chart you have open in SmartGantt, so you can download it and have it on your computer.   Click on the export button of SmartGantt and you can see the following menu :   Output File Name: You can select […]

Sharing charts in read-only version

Read here to learn how to share a chart in the online read-only version. This way you can share your chart with non-users. You can share your chart in three different ways; as a file (PDF or PNG), as a read-only link, or by sharing  the unique URL-link, for  your team members to have editable access. […]

Full screen mode

You can view your projects in a full screen mode. All you need to do is click the “Full Screen Mode” button which is found above your charts Now you have plenty of space! If you want to return to the previous mode, just click the escape key of your keyboard. Otherwise, you can click […]


The bars of each chart represent your tasks, or more specifically your Podio app items. Normally these bars are arranged according to their start date. But you also have other opportunities of arranging them differently using the sorting option. Sorting is all about putting our task bars in a specific order, some of them will […]

Mapping with Podio Views

  If you wish to show specific information in your gantt chart, for example only projects that are active, or only projects that you are responsible for, please follow this guide.   1. Create a view in Podio, or use your existing views.   To create and save a view in Podio, please see: […]