Button tutorial

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 13.10.52 copy

Short explanations of the buttons you find in the upper left section.

Filtering: Filter your chart to see the desired information. Works similar to filtering in Podio.

Sorting: Choose the variable that sorts the chart, in ascending or descending order. E.g., most progress made, earliest deadline, alphabetically

Scaling: Scale the chart to Hour, Day, Week, or Month, to see the desired time period.

Go to date: Skip to a specified date in your chart

Settings: Set the scaling of the chart. Change colors acording to level or status

Export: as PDF or PNG, add file name, header and/or footer

Share: Make a read-only version of your chart, that you can share with others (including non-users) by creating a link and an access code.

Full screen: See the chart full screen, press esc or the full screen button again to exit