How to change colors in your charts

Colors of the bars are connected to either the different levels, which is the default, or based on status field.

Let’s try to change task bar colors in our basic example. You can find the basic example on: basic-example/

Let’s click on the “Settings” button, the one that appears on the top menu bar


As you can see, a menu appears


Let’s talk about the rows that you see in that menu


Level 1 refers to your Parent app, so in case you don’t have referenced your app with others, it will automatically be a Level 1 app.

Level 2 refers to your Child app, that means you should have referenced your current app to another app

Level 3 refers to your Grandchild app, yet you should have referenced your app with other apps.

Let’s talk about the columns that you see in that menu

The first column shows the color of the task bar


The second column shows the color of the progress that is in a task bar.



The third column shows the color of the letters that are written on a task bar. That is white by default, because then you can see what is written for any color of task bar apart from white.


The following picture explains more about first three columns of the menu:


The forth column shows the color of the milestones, that is the diamond shape that can be shown instead of a task bar, for shorter representation of the task.


Now that we have explained everything, let’s see how we could change the color of the task bars in our basic example.

In our case, we have a Level 1 app, and we don’t have referenced it to Level 2 and Level 3 apps

Just click on the first colored square of the Level 1 row. A new menu will appear and you can click on the color scale image, to choose your new color for your task bars. Last thing to do is click apply.


Now, this slightly changed menu appears, you can optionally close the messages that have appeared.


The chart is changed and you just need to click outside of the menu to make menu disappear

Your chart has now black task bars!


You may continue to tutorial article: How to change colors to default in your charts