How to make a task’s progress be shown in SmartGantt

Q: How can I see the progress of an app in Podio automatically in SmartGantt, without having to fix this manually? Currently when I change the progress in Podio, it doesn’t show on the gantt chart.

A: If the progress bar is not updated automatically in SmartGantt when you update it in Podio it means that it is not mapped. Please remap your chart by following the instructions:

We will use our basic example, which is on:

Click on “Gantt Chart Options” the button which is located on left-hand side menu


As you can see, a menu appears. Choose the option: “Edit Settings”


This will take us back to our initial process to create the chart. Can you see what we should change in the image below?


There is no Progress variable set, that means no sync is happening between our chart’s progress and Podio app’s progress field. We need to fix it by selecting the proper progress field of our app, in that way this progress field will be mapped to our chart.

After this, don’t forget to put a Gantt Title. It has been erased, so we need to write it again.


Now just click on the “Next” button which is on the bottom.



Then you should click to “Next” to the following pages until you see the “Generate Gantt Chart” option. Last click on “Generate Gantt Chart” to see your new corrected chart.