How to create an employee chart

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Please fetch our Employee timeline app from here:

Add each employee as an item in the Employee app. You can pick employees among your contacts, or add a new contact. Fill in the fields accordingly with information you like to see (Email, Job description etc.).


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When you have all employees as items, you can start filling in the tasks and deliverables each of them is responsible for. The employee start and end dates are set via the Tasks app, and automatically pick up the earliest and latest date of the tasks each employee is set on.

You can modify the calculation field by modifying the app template, if you wish to fetch the dates from another app or add a duration as well. Read more about how to work with calculation fields in SmartGantt here:

If you wish to manually enter dates for each employee you can discard the calculation field and add a date field by modifying the app template. (


Fill in the information you wish to see. The task and deliverables are two way connected, meaning you can have either as the second level, or both if you do not wish to utilise the third level.

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If two or more employees are responsible for one task, or you need another Employee field, clone the item and assign it to the other employee:


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When you have set up the task or deliverables and assigned employees, you can create your chart! Remember to choose Employees as the main app.