Exporting charts as PDF or PNG

You can either export a full chart to PDF or PNG. This will export the current chart you have open in SmartGantt, so you can download it and have it on your computer.



Click on the export button of SmartGantt and you can see the following menu :



Output File Name: You can select a name for your PDF or PNG file

Header Text: You can optionally write a small header text that is going to be on top of your new file, right above of the chart. You can choose to write anything you want, or you can leave it blank.

Footer Text: Same as before, you can optionally write a small footer text. It is going to appear on the bottom of your new file, right below your chart.

Export To: You can choose one of the two formats, PDF or PNG.

After clicking to one of the two format buttons, a new tab will open in your browser and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

So if you have chosen a PDF format, the file will be like this:


and if you have chosen a pgn format, it will look like this:



In that way, you can share this file to others via email or Dropbox, or GoogleDrive and so on.

Note: SmartGantt’s export does not allow filtered export. Instead you can filter inside Podio and save a Podio View, which can be mapped in SmartGantt. Then export this filtered (in Podio) chart.

Alternatively to sharing exported files, you can just share your charts with other people via our sharing option. This way you can share a filtered chart in a Read-Only version.




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