What does SmartGantt do for me?

Using SmartGantt together with Podio gives you the most powerful and flexible Project Management platform. SmartGantt helps you visualize Podio Items in a Gantt chart as well as other timelines. Using SmartGantt you can start working with dependencies with makes it easier to schedule and reschedule projects and deliverables.

How much does SmartGantt cost?

We offer a free two week trial, after which you can purchase a monthly or an annual subscription to SmartGantt. Please see our pricing plans to learn more

How do I get started?

Signup for SmartGantt and connect your Podio account. Then you can select and map your desired Podio apps and start working.

How do I map an app?

You just follow the mapping flow once you have registered. Start by selecting the Podio organization and workspace that your parent app (eg. Project app) is in. Then connect the different Podio fields to SmartGantt fields and click next. You will then get the opportunity to also map referenced apps if you would like. If this is not needed, then you just click Next/Generate Chart. We also offer an in depth tutorial on mapping

How does dependencies work in SmartGantt?

You are able to work with dependencies between your Podio items in SmartGantt. You can link bars to make them dependent and thus work with dependencies between Podio items this way.

How do I share my Gantt chart with my team?

Every gantt chart has an unique URL that can be shared with your team. SmartGantt has exporting and read-only sharing options. For your colleagues to access your chart, they need to be registered as SmartGantt users too.

Do you store my data? And if so, how?

We only store data related to your Podio profile and minimal information related to the schema of the apps and referenced apps of your Gantt Charts. We do not store any data from within your Podio apps in our database for privacy reasons. All data displayed is retrieved using the Podio API at runtime to ensure this.

Who has developed SmartGantt?

SmartGantt is developed by BendixKiel ApS, a Podio Preferred Partner and Citrix SaaS Partner. BendixKiel is a group of Podio Work Architects that help organizations get the most out of Podio.

My SmartGantt seems out-of-order where do I get help?

Please feel free to contact us and we will help you.




Can I synch my SmartGantt charts with Google Cal, iCal or Outlook ?

You can synch SmartGantt to an external calendar via Podio’s own exporting tool, as SmartGantt uses information from your Podio workspaces. See this tutorial on how to synch your calendar in Podio: Using the Podio Calendar with other Calendars

Can I buy SmartGantt licenses for me and my team?

We have multi-user licenses at very attractive prices. In a multi-user license, one admin is paying for X number of users that the admin invites. You can find more information on the webpage:  Pricing plans for SmartGantt.

Does the trial end automatically? Or do i need to quit anywhere?

The trial ends automatically. You need to actively upgrade if you wish to upgrade.

Can I use SmartGantt instantly after being subscribed?

Yes. There is a small possibility that you may have to wait maximum 15 minutes in case you have a paid subscription.

What happens after cancelling SmartGantt? Can I use it again in the future?

If you cancel, you are always welcome back. This is possible simply by logging into SmartGantt and upgrading your account again.

What's the security of SmartGantt?

 Internally our system uses the Podio OAuth 2.0 based authentication to communicate with the podio API and never communicates your actual username and password for accessing your data from Podio. Regarding data storing, we do not store any data from Podio in our local disks or databases. So you can be rest assured that your Podio data is secure and accessed at runtime using OAuth authentication mechanisms. Using this method, a concept of an access token and request token is used to access Podio data using the Podio API. Also, whatever SmartGantt account related information is stored in the database is encrypted. 

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