How to see item details of a task bar

Each task bar in SmartGantt represents an item of our Podio app and sometimes we need more information for this item, apart from what we can see in the chart.

A quick way to see more information for a task bar is the “Complete Item Preview” option.

In order to do that, we will use our basic example which is on:


Let’s suppose you want to learn more about “Brainstorming” task bar. So, how can we choose “Complete Item Preview” option? Just double click on the “Brainstorming” task bar.


As you can see, a menu appears. Just click on “Complete Item Preview” button.


A new menu is shown and it has more information about the task bar. Actually it contains all the Podio fields that are mapped to our chart.


An additional thing that you can do, is to click on the “View in Podio” button. Then a new browser tab will pop up on the screen having Podio information for the task bar item.