How to share a editable chart

To share a chart that your colleagues can edit please follow this tutorial.

First, the users that need to edit the chart need the same workspace permission as the person that creates and shares the chart. You can make sure this is the case by checking if your colleague is a member of the workspace that the data of the chart comes from (you can use the Podio teach function to teach for a specific name).

It is also important that the users have SmartGantt accounts, in order to access and edit the chart.  SmartGantt uses Podio Oauth, so all you need to do is be logged in to Podio to create an account in SmartGantt.  If you wish to share a chart with non SmartGantt or Podio users, we offer other options;

Export charts

Share charts 

To share an editable  chart, copy the unique URL. You can do this by copy pasting the link from your browser window or by copy pasting it from the chart overview (Browse Existing charts):


Unique URL in browser window


Unique URL in chart overview

Unique URL in chart overview


Simply send the URL to whomever you wish, and it will open a new browser window with the chart you created.

For example in the epode chat!

For example in the epode chat!


Q: Can I save a chart someone else made in my overview?

A: Unfortunately you cannot save a chart another user created. But you can create an easy access by saving it in your browser as a bookmark or in your workspace . You can also recreate the same chart in your own SmartGantt, by mapping the same apps .

Q: Only one person in the team has a SmartGantt account/licence, can everyone in the workspace access the chart?

A: No only Podio users with SmartGantt accounts can edit charts. Non SmartGantt users can simply log in to create an account and get our free 2 week trial. We also offer multiuser licences if more than one user require editing access: Pricing