Sharing charts in read-only version

Read here to learn how to share a chart in the online read-only version. This way you can share your chart with non-users.
You can share your chart in three different ways; as a file (PDF or PNG), as a read-only link, or by sharing  the unique URL-link, for  your team members to have editable access.


Generating a read only link with access code

Click on the share button of your SmartGantt.


Then a share menu will appear.


In order to share, you should send a specific link to the person that wants to see the chart. In our menu, this is called: Share Link


You also need to send the receiver a specific code along with the share link. In our menu, this is called: Access Code


You can now copy the link and the code, and send them to the person you wish to share the chart with. The receiver simply click  the link and put in the Access Code in the blank box.


When using the Sharing feature for the online read-only version, you can apply filters to the chart within SmartGantt, before sharing. Apply a filter and share a chart.