The bars of each chart represent your tasks, or more specifically your Podio app items. Normally these bars are arranged according to their start date. But you also have other opportunities of arranging them differently using the sorting option.


Sorting is all about putting our task bars in a specific order, some of them will go up, some of them down, or maybe nothing changes. You decide the way they will be put, by clicking the sorting option that fits your use. So let’s click to the sorting button and the sorting option menu will appear on screen.


Reset option gets the current sorting back to your initial sorting

Level option can be used whenever you have referenced your Podio app with other apps and mapped those into one single chart, so  there is a parent app (level 1), child app (level 2) and maybe grandchild app (level 3). After applying the level option, you can see that the parent tasks go up, then the child tasks follow and last the grandchild tasks are placed down, for an ascending sorting.

Task title option puts our task bars in an alphabetical order, so if it is ascending, goes from A – Z, if it is descending goes from Z – A


Date option puts task bars with earlier Start Date on the top and bars with later Start Date on the bottom, when ascending. That’s actually the default sorting whenever you create a new chart. If you select descending date sorting, bars with later Start Date move on the top, whereas bars with earlier Start Date go on the bottom.


Progress option puts task bars with less progress on the top and bars with more progress on the bottom, when ascending. For example, Brainstorming task has the most process:


After choosing Sort by Progress, ascending, the Brainstorming will move to the bottom



Q: Can I save my chart in my own sorting?

A: No, you can not do that. No sorting settings can be saved. Filtering, coloring and starting position are the only settings that can be saved.