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Key Features

Gantt charts for Podio

Visualise your projects, deliverables and tasks all together in one Gantt chart. Get better overviews, enjoy the ease of planning and faster changes of e.g. dates with SmartGantt.


Increase the power of Podio with dependencies e.g. between projects and deliverables. This makes it easier and faster to work with projects in Podio.


Change start and end dates or postpone full projects with simple drag-n-drop.

Filter and sorting

Get just the right overview for you and your work, by using the filter and sorting functionalities in SmartGantt.

View multiple Podio apps

Get the full overview by having multiple Podio apps shown in one single gantt chart. You can f.eks. see your Projects and Deliverables together in one chart.

Track your Progress

The progress of each task and project is visible directly on that Gantt chart bars. You can even change the progress in the Gantt chart.

Two way data exchange

Changes made in SmartGantt will be pushed to Podio. This makes it easy being a project manager keeping track of your projects in a dynamic business environment.

Share Gantt chart

Share your gantt chart with your colleagues by sharing the charts unique url in your Podio workspace.

Bulk Edit

Link your deliverables and simply edit multiple deliverables or postpone a project start a few days by simple drag-n-drop.

SmartGantt – Take Project Management in Podio to the next level…

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