How to use: Left side panel

Top button: see the menu in full view

Browse existing charts: An overview of all your charts.The charts are grouped under the Workspace in which they were created.

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Gantt Chart Options:

Refresh chart: Reloads your chart, this is useful after you update your Podio workspace while working in SmartGantt. You can also use your browser’s own refresh option or the keyboard shortcuts: cdm⌘ + r (Apple),  ctrl+r  or F5 (Windows).
  Edit Chart Setting: Edit the mapping of your chart. This opens the same meny as when creating a new chart, for the chart you are currently viewing. You can add or remove levels, fields or rearrange the information, (remember to save the changes after editing).
  Save Chart Setting: Save your current chart options. This button is used when you want to save your chart after editing it.
  New Chart: Create a new chart. See our tutorials on how to make charts here: Detailed walkthough  or Quick video tutorial

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Provide license: This is for admins of multiuser licenses, read our tutorial on how to assign licences here: How to add users.

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Account Settings:  For subscribers. Cancel your subscription from here by clicking the blue button. If you are an admin of a multiuser licence all the licences connected to your account will be cancelled.

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Support: Contact our support team. Log Out: Log out of SmartGantt, you will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes, if you don’t manually log out.

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Log Out: Log out of SmartGantt manually, you will be logged out after 30 min of inactivity automatically.