How to use SmartGantt filters

After adding SmartGantt filters to your charts, your chosen tasks will appear on the screen instead of the whole chart.

Let’s apply filters to our basic example, which has neither child dependencies, nor grandchild.

The whole filtering is done by using the “Filtering” button which is above the chart.


As you see a menu appears.


Let’s try to understand what this menu is about. We have two columns, the left column includes the filter categories. The right column contains a large area where you can choose a filter by clicking it, and a top header with all the filters that you have chosen. Much like the way Podio filtering works.

What’s the meaning of “Parent”, “Child” and “Grand Child” that appear in the left-hand side? These are the three levels of apps you can map in SmartGantt. These are apps from Podio that has relationships, f.ex. Deliverables has a relationship to the Projects app.

For now, we have a very simple example without relationships with other apps. So all our tasks are included in the Project app (“Parent” level). This means that Child and Grand Child levels doesnt have any filtering options.


Let’s try to filter our basic example chart with Brainstorming as a filter, meaning that we only want to see the brainstorming task on the screen. We click to the “Project” option and then our tasks appear on the right-hand side of the menu. We just click “Brainstorming”. After that, “Brainstorming” label is added on the top of the right-hand side menu


A number notation has also appeared in both “Applied filters” and “Projects” filter categories. Now just click outside the menu in order to close it.


Can we add more than one filter?

Of course we can. Let’s try to add “Analysing” filter along with “Brainstorming”. We should click to the filtering button again. Once the menu appears, we should just choose the “Analysing” filter from the right-hand side. What do we expect to happen?


Now we have two labels on the top of the right-hand side, and also number notation of “Applied filters” and “Projects” has changed. The chart has instantly changed as well, for seeing it we just click outside of the menu or we close the menu.



How can we remove a filter?

Let’s try to remove the “Brainstorming” filter from our basic example. We should click on the filtering button again, then the filter menu will appear. In order to remove the “Brainstorming” label from the top of the left-hand side, we should click on the (X) button that is on the label.


The “Brainstorming” label will disappear from the top of the right-hand side of the menu.


Filter will be removed instantly and the chart will change automatically